How Websites Work

Welcome to our blog. Recall from our first publication where we talked about <<Why do I need a Website for my Business>> that gives you 7 reasons why you need a website for your business, today’s post, we will talk about: “How Websites Work”.

By the end of this post, you will understand how a website works.

The first thing you need to know if your business needs a website is what we are going to show.

Here are 3 things you need to know;

  • What web servers do
  • How domain names work
  • How your website uses these

A website is your business home on the internet. It is where potential customers can come and learn about your business and what it has to offer them.

Let us say you decide to open a bakery in the real world, the first thing you need is to rent a space to house it. So a website is not different from that. the only difference is that you are not renting space on a street, but you are renting space on a server.

A Server:

A server is a computer connected to the internet, with software that allows it to store or host the pieces of your website: the code, images, video clips, and anything else that makes up your website.

It is called a server because it serves up the right content when requested. It is when someone wants to view a page on your website.

There are companies specialized in that service that takes care of that so that you need to pay rental fees just like rent of houses, to be hosted.

With all servers out there on the internet, to identifies them, each server has a specific address that we call IP Address. Each device we use to connect to the internet has also its address, the IP Address. Read more on IP Address on: <<What Is an IP Address and DNS>>. Then your device can talk to the server to request content. The language used to communicate is Binary, You do not need to know about binary or to understand but if you want to learn more about that, read this article <<What is a Computer Program>>, but what you need is to choose a nice name to reference that numeric IP Address, the domain name or web address.

The Domain name or web address

The same way people find you by the address or sign on the door, a domain name is how potential customers find you online. For example, people can find our website on the internet at or Everything that comes after www is the domain name.

In conlusion,

deciding to build a website for your business starts with understanding how it all works together. A server hosts your site, and a domain name helps people find it.

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